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As of February 22, 2005, Sports Radio 90.3 FM broadcast exclusively sports program, with more than 15-hour program live. Concept of Sports Radio 90.3 FM is primarily a quick and accurate information for all sports events. Crew more than 10 years working on this format of radio program from 2005 build your own style of sports media in the Macedonian air. We translate the experience and the way the sports media to a new frequency, 90.3 FM, enriching and enhance the program with new content and constant presence of the Macedonian athletes, clubs and isportski workers living in the current program. Sports Radio 90.3 FM build their reputation and quality, which is sufficient sign, Macedonian sports federations to provide for a partner to the media presentation of their sports and activities. In these years the sports media, sports radio 90.3 FM is the official media sponsor of the Football, Basketball, Handball, volleyball and the Macedonian Tennis Federation, and participates in media presentations of almost all international sports events organized in our country but also in abroad. Actively support and smaller sports which are directly involved in specific segments of our sports program. In close collaboration with the Federations, and the Agency for Youth and Sports of the Republic. Macedonia, Sports Radio 90.3 FM program implemented numerous projects to promote, support and raise the sport, especially among young people in our country to a much higher level. Part of the team of Sports Radio 90.3 FM In 2006, Sports Radio 90.3 FM was the official media sponsor and organizer of the football event of the year, Macedonia - England in Skopje, where the official speaker of the match was just a person of Sports Radio 90.3 FM. Otherwise, our leaders are official speakers and other events in other sports, where sports radio 90.3 FM emerges as the official media sponsor of the Federations. In the years that followed, they took the epithet medumski supporter and Co-organizers of a series of sporting events from the top of Macedonian sports life. Here is the Skopje koorganizacijata marathon in all years after the revival, the media cover avtomobilistichkite races of international character, all basketball, volleyball and handball representative meetings, club performances in European Cups. We make direct transfers of the most important events in our country, but also the performances of our athletes and teams from outside our borders. Sports Radio 90.3 FM has behind him a long experience and successful cooperation with the biggest Macedonian companies. We support sport, music and all the important events of our country.