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Radio Ekspres is located in the center of town opposite the building of the Municipality of Strumica. Linkovski are related predavatelniot Hunting column located above the house. Show your frequency of 101.1 megahertz FM stereo and good placement for the antenna pole Express Radio covers municipalities Vasilevo, Bosilovo and Novo Selo, as well as border areas in neighboring Bulgaria. Thus the number of our potential audience is about 100,000. Express the first radio signal in the air released in 1993 and has since run uninterrupted. At the outset Ekspres radio frequency of 102.5 megahertz FM stereo. After passing the Law on Broadcasting in 1998 Radio Express accordance with the law has changed since that frequency is 101.1 megahertz FM stereo. This radio frequency Express became recognizable in the air. Throughout this period survives Express radio advertising their business partners and friends who luckily the Ekspres radio are many. The amendments to the Law on Broadcasting Radio Express in June 2007 received permission to work under this permit is a radio format music programming service radio voice of common format.