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Start your day always in the company of your faithful friend Club Fm, the well-known address - the frequency of 103.4. There you wait for different content, new concepts and challenges of contemporary urban radio with unique programming scheme. Latest information and news, cultural events, business and politics, public figures talk with ... and domestic and foreign best music is only part of the new software scheme Club Fm. Starr - New Club Fm will provoke will rebel, you spread positive energy and will take care of the environment, will initiate and support various projects and campaigns, debates, musical events and civic actions - for Skopje to become a real metropolis. The program of the Club Fm will be painted in 4 seasons as Skopje is changing through the seasons. Each season mark with his radio and original design of scents, colors and sounds will create an authentic atmosphere and image of the city awakens to the cultural life of Skopje bit and allow the audience a real treat. As a strategic partner, the School of Journalism and Public Relations, the only faculty that offers a balanced mix of theory and practice, will actively participate in monitoring and positioning Club Fm of the media market. Linking Club Fm the first Macedonian newspaper Nova Makedonija and language business weekly Capital, will offer listeners unique content, people and events, so this frequency will be discussed for information from the business and financial operations, regional market movements and markets, and interviews with people who mark our everyday life. The cooperation program with the BBC in Macedonian language will bring excellence plus in bringing the events of Europe, but direct contact with one of the most important metropolises in the world - London. Our vision is a radio that will pulsate in the spirit of the city, a radio that will satisfy and nachuli all our senses, a radio that will not be able to odvoite. Therefore ... Club Fm listen to all ... always and everywhere.