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Capitol Radio began operations on 12/31/1993 and is one of the first private radio in Skopje. Show your rate of 106,5 MHZ FM stereo. The studio is located in goats and is among the largest and most beautiful study in Macedonia. The 200 m2 own dedicated office space and realize the magic called Capitol Radio. Antenna system is the high water which provides the overall quality of reception in the Skopje area and beyond. How Voice music radio broadcast music from different genres: Refined Urban Capitol Macedonian original and newly composed music and Pop music The style and selection of Capitol music radio is unique in Skopje ether. We are the first radio in Macedonia who had the courage to play Capitol music from the former June space and successfully shatter the stereotypical perception of the new Capitol music, which we call "urban Capitol" music. Capitol Radio works with a professional team. Ad spots are recorded with familiar voices on TV and radio people and actors. The number and exact date specified ad is always imperative. The radio program Capitol successfully advertise many businesses that their ads to continue on his own desire. According to recent surveys made slushanosta of the radio stations, Radio Capitol rated very highly. In a word Folk Radio alters your mood - the better.